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💫 Your SIMPLE & AFFORDABLE way of learning about various topics in Dance Science. 💫
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  • ✏️ Evidence-Based

    Based on the latest research in Dance Medicine & Science. Each printable includes a full references list.

  • ✏️ Affordable

    Quick, convenient, low-cost, evidence-based printable e-books to progress your pedagogy.

  • ✏️ Accessible

    Covering a wide range of topics in the field of Dance, Dance Education, and Dance Science.

Meet the Author

I'm Maria Haralambis, M.Ed., NASM CES, FMT, a current Ph.D. student and CEO of The Dance Scientist, L.L.C.

I help Dancers & Dance Educators understand and apply Dance Science principles through Resources, Master Classes, Training Sessions, Mentoring, Injury Risk Assessments, and more.

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Here's a video on the Anatomy of the Core!!

The Core isn't just our six-pack 🤔