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The Ultimate Pointe Guide

The Ultimate Pointe Guide

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🩰 Your ultimate guide to all things Pointe - things like the history, bone growth, technique tips, pre-pointe, pointe shoe anatomy, the pie chart of pointe readiness that considers more than just age, breaking in shoes, dead shoes, & more!


📖 How this E-Book is organized:

  • Bone Growth: A Closer Look
  • Chapter 1 - The Basics
  • Chapter 2 - Technique Tips
  • Pointe Shoe Anatomy: A Closer Look
  • Screening Tests: A Closer Look
  • Pre-Pointe: A Closer Look
  • Reference List
  • Coupon Codes to Merch & E-Books, & Online Courses


📱 This PDF of over 75 evidence-based teaching tips includes:

  • Bone Growth
  • The history of pointe shoes
  • Why the new approach to pointe readiness is more of a pie chart of many things, instead of just age alone
  • Technique tips on things like: breaking in, dead shoes, hyperextended knees, etc.
  • Communicating with parents
  • Closer look - full pages on screening tests
  • Anatomy of pointe shoes
  • Why screening is recommended & what tests are used
  • Other factors of pointe readiness such as years of training
  • Tips for Adolescence & why it’s an individual experience
  • Why pointe isn’t just for females
  • This is a great time to introduce a strength training program
  • Coupon Codes to Merch & E-Books, & Online Courses
  • References List
  • & MORE!!


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😁 Enjoy this printable & I hope it's helpful for you! 

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