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Spotting 101

Spotting 101

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👀 A basic guide on Spotting - its history, eye tracking exercises, how to properly spot without feeling dizzy, what happens when spotting isn't used properly & much more!  

📖 How this E-Book is organized:

  • Chapter 1 - Teaching Tips
  • Chapter 2 - The History
  • Chapter 3 - The Exercises
  • Reference List
  • Merch Coupon

This PDF of over 98 evidence-based teaching tips includes:

  • How dancers rely on postural control
  • Vestibular system is constantly challenged in dance - how
  • During pirouettes both visual and vestibular input is used
  • Professional dancers tend to be less dominant on visual system
  • Why spotting actually helps postural control during turns by telling your body what to do & how to respond
  • How task characteristics determine how a dancer spots their turn
  • Why spotting started in the late 19th century when multiple turns became common
  • How spotting height impacts how dancers distribute their weight in turns
  • How the room, the stage, the lights, or the choreographers impact turns & spotting
  • Why dancers should practice different forces using different spotting locations
  • VOR’s - How these reflexes kick into gear when dancers turn  & why this is important to understand
  • BONUS!! - 28 exercises for spotting - including rib/trunk mobilizer, neck rotation checks, fascia neck massage, mirror marches, Levator Scapulae stretch, Sternocleidomastoid & Scalene, Suboccipital Release at base of skull, paintbrushes on ceiling (Feldenkreis technique), number maze exercise, sticky tape exercise, chair for thoracic mobility, oculomotor function of sicods using a pen, VOR exercise using a letter, eyeball exercise laying down, ball balance exercise, paternered pendulum track, & MORE!!

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This E-book was last updated in May of 2024.



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